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will be watching john thompson spea ewi bloomberg tel. up next, neil cash kerry is joining us on "bloomberg west." he is known as the architect of -- nowow soon to be running for governor of california. ♪ "bloombergback to west." california governor jerry brown just made it official yesterday -- he is seeking a record fourth term. he will be running against neel kashkari, potentially a republican candidate for governor. he is often called the $700 billion man known as the architect of tarp, former assistant secretary of the and member of pimco. he joins me now. you very hip to the new technology these days. you are big on twitter and instagram and you take s a lot of reverseelfies. >> i want to take one of you. >> you're also an engineer by background. you used to work at nasa. >> my first job in california was for a nasa contractor. how could that have helped you as a politician? >> it helped me in washington because policymaking is problem-solving and when you try to unravel a problem, that's what engineers do all day. my engineering helped me when i was in washington. >> you welcomed jerry
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1